CPS is charged with driving over $70 million in annual sales of Ford’s  Genuine and Licensed Accessories through approximately 700 Ford and Lincoln Dealers located in the Great Lakes Region.  Our team of professionals works with the Ford Dealers by enabling them to develop accessories as a profit center within their dealerships.  With our help, our Clients have:

  • Become industry leaders in sales of popular accessories including:
    • Truck Bed Liners
    • Truck Wheel Liners
    • Remote Car Starters
    • All Weather Floor Mats
    • Truck Tonneau Covers
    • Running Boards
    • In-Car Video Systems
  • Achieved stellar increased profitability per new vehicle retailed (PNVR).
  • Increased the franchise value of their dealerships
  • Reduced salesperson turnover

WITH FORD Since 2002

Back then, Ford was in its beginning stages offering limited Ford Genuine and Ford Licensed Accessories which consisted of only a handful of products. In order for Ford to be a substantial match to 12-volt aftermarket accessories, there was a need to not only diversify the product line but also make it superior than other products offered to Ford vehicles.

As the product line grew, so did Ford’s Accessory division. As product availability increased, we expanded both our inventory capacity and our level of service to meet this growing demand.


CPS is proud to be selected as the FAD for the Great Lakes region and continues to improve upon its strong relationship with Ford.

GROWTH Built On Service

Since 2002, we have grown from one warehouse to eight and we continue growing still.

Currently we deliver Ford Accessories from these locations:

  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Pittsburgh
  • Buffalo
  • Lexington

We have gotten to this level of success by offering the highest level of service and expertise to our customers and earning the trust of our clients.