PARTS Are Just Part of the Picture

We know there are a lot of places you could get Motorcraft® parts. They’re practically a commodity, leaving customers just trying to find the cheapest price. However, the reality is that the distributor of your Motorcraft® parts from does matter. It matters for response time. It matters for help with inventory management. It matters for buying power and the ability to help even the smallest shop with volume discounts and buy-back programs.

If you price shop us part-for-part, we will be competitive. Moreover, if you price shop us for the entirety of your business, we are confident no one can come close to CPS.

GENUINE PARTS Complete Satisfaction

It is easy to get caught up in thinking all parts are the same. After all, they look the same, and are advertised as “direct-fit.” However, that doesn’t mean they will last as long or provide the performance and quality expected.

CPS stocks and distributes a full line of Genuine Motorcraft® products. These are the parts that were specifically manufactured for Ford vehicles. So use the parts that the vehicle was born with and relax knowing it is the same high quality Ford products are known for.


In addition to being a parts store, CPS is also a service provider. Providing quality service is our top priority.

We back up this statement by providing delivery service directly to your local shop — as many as three times a day. We back it up with 24-7 on-call support and with experienced consultants who are knowledgeable on our parts and their demand trends. If a customer is not satisfied with our parts or services, we back up our pledge with a simple, no-questions-asked return policy.


Here at CPS, we take a holistic approach to providing parts and services for your shop. We will work with you in ways other suppliers just can’t.

Have an overstock of parts?
There could be buy-back opportunities with us.

Need to reduce prices without bulk buying?
We can work with you on an annual volume discount.

Not sure if we will have your part in stock?
We carry everything from electrical pigtail connectors to 55 gallon drums of oils and lubricants in our five+ acres of facilities. All to make sure we have just what you need on hand and ready to deliver.